Monday, March 22, 2010

My blog is neglected.

So, as you can see, it's been awhile since I've posted an article. Why? Because like most of you, anything I actually enjoy doing for myself is the last thing I get around to doing. And the reality is I've been over-scheduled and busy as hell, really. But two things inspired me to get back on my blog. One, the busier my family is (or I am) the worse I feed them. Sure, I know my "worse" isn't probably that bad, but for me and my goals when feeding my kids, I wasn't pulling my weight in meal planning. Luckily, when I realized this, I'm back on the bandwagon and have started to evaluate my life, my to-do lists, my priorities and "cutting the fat" if you will when it comes to commitments I'll say yes to. I encourage you all to do the same. I recently had a revelation and I praise God for one, giving me the smarts to listen to Him and two, giving me the wisdom to then do something about it. And that was this: I will never look back at my life and regret dropping the ball when it comes to volunteering at my church or at my kids' schools, but I will look back and regret volunteering my baby's infancy away. And that was that. Quality time with my children and my husband is center-stage again. As is meal-planning!

The other thing that inspired me to get back on my blog is something that I am so incredibly excited about I can barely see straight. That is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC. They had the pilot last night. I cried. I mean I seriously cried. The premise of the show is worthy of you making sure you see it, follow it religiously or a the very least set a standing recording time for it on Tivo or whatever. The premier is Friday night. I by no means expect you to stay home on a **hot** Friday night to watch it but definitely record it or you can always watch it on (link below). In one episode, Jamie challenged me personally to stick to what I know- raw ingredients (fresh meats and produce) are the best and only way to go. He shows you how to whip-up a healthy meal for your family and talks about the importance of sitting down together. He also inspired me to consider, as my children get older, to include them in the preparing and cooking of the meals and have a ball in the kitchen with my family! What memories! And he just rapes the way Americans feed children in public schools. I mean he is passionately disgusted with the dehydrated meats and additives and nutritional guidelines set-up for our children by you guessed it- OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. I was literally rooting for him as he challenged the "powers that be" on certain food labels. At one point in the show he held-up a piece of dehydrated chicken and said to a group of lunch ladies, "You don't have a problem eating this? Serving this? Well I don't have a problem with you eating it. I have a problem with children eating it." It was awesome. I'm hooked. OK. So I plugged it. Now you watch it!

Go to the website and watch the pilot from last night! PLEASE!


  1. Thanks, Jaime! Nice to have a fan! ;-)

    I also wanted to point out that as Jamie Oliver's season continues, he will post the recipes from each episode on the ABC website. I got on there today and checked out two salad recipes of his. I will definitely be trying one of them that peaked my interest!