Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas on Crack

The title pretty much sums-up my thoughts on Christmas at my house. It's crazy. I'm basically just trying to "get through" the month. Now I do blame myself. I usually am way ahead of the game instead of waiting so late to do everything. I also have bitten off a little more than I can chew this year with a new baby, Room Mom stuff, church obligations, etc. So I have VOWED to next year enjoy the holiday season with my family instead of trying to figure out how for every one thing I cross off my December "to do" list, three more things get added. Which is why I've been a little MIA as far as my blog is concerned. I just haven't had ANY time. So I felt compelled to share my plan of attack for next year and the years following.

We just had a guest speak at my moms' group at church. Her topic was, "Surviving the Holidays with Blessings." It didn't hurt that she is a professional organizer with FIVE KIDS. She uses the binder system when organizing her holidays. A little OCD- yes. But the point, she is completely done with all things Christmas-related BY December 1st. That includes her baking, her shopping for her and her children's holiday wardrobes AND her house is clean and organized before the 1st of the month as well. I actually got to see her binder and flip through it. A work of art for sure. Now as type-A and OCD as I can be, some aspects of this notebook were a little much for me. But the beautiful thing is you just print the pages that you will use. You custom make your own notebook to your specifications. Sound like a lot of work? I've got no where to go but up people. Check it out:


Oh, and the pages are free. Get goin' ladies. Christmas '10 is right around the corner.